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There are many adjectives one can choose for self-description; yet most would be roles we play and titles we hold. At my core, I am a Change Agent who Dares to Dream. However, I wholeheartedly enjoy the Life titles I am blessed to have, including Writer, Social Worker, Life Coach and Mentor. 

As a Social Worker, I completed my education at Columbia University School of Social Work in Advanced Generalist Practice and Programming with a concentration with Children, Youth and Families. After 10 years within NYC's Child Welfare System in various roles, my passion to serve led me to my private practice as a consultant for organizations and their stakeholders--their staff and clients.


My mission is to foster solution-focused practice with each connection I make, whether at the organizational or individual level. I feel fulfilled in my work when a team experiences cohesiveness and connections are strengthened.  

Whether you are looking to improve on your existing practice(s) or implement a new program; have more productive and action-oriented meetings, celebrate your staff with a team building event, or a motivational guest speaker  to empower your audience,  I can be of support. 

I invite you in and look forward to collaborating with you. 

In Service and Partnership, 

Anaïs Bailly-Mompoint, LMSW

Founder/CEO of ABM Structured Solutions, LLC



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