Choose from an existing training in my portfolio or partner with me to create a training tailored to the needs of your organization and team members

  • Effective Time Management & Organizational Skills

  • Release, Reset, Reconnect: Self-Care within the Workplace

  • Building Equity: Diversity, Power, Privilege and Inclusion

  • Workplace Anti-Bullying

  • From Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive

  • Youth Development Workshops

  • Creating Life Pacts by Reclaiming Our Narrative


Leadership & Professional Development


Support the needs of your staff at every level while empowering them to reach their fullest potential within the organization


  • Staff Onboarding Plans

  • Nurturing The Leader Within: Establishing a learning and coaching culture

  • Leadership Building and Coaching

  • Effective Supervision

  • Leading through Workplace Distractions

  • Executive Leadership Enhancement



Strategic Planning, Programming & Organizational Cohesiveness

Establish policies and procedures, implement new practices and programming and ensure an organizational culture that is cohesive, structured and empowering for both staff and clients supported


  • Mission and Vision Development

  • Organizational Needs Assessment

  • From Policy to Practice: program implementation

  • Policy and Procedures (establishing and/or editing)

  • Building and Sustaining Morale: Team Building on a budget

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